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Our Advantages

100% Specialized in Coffee

25 Years in Coffee

Our agency is founded by Sergio Reminny - the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Coordinator with 25 years of experience in the coffee industry.

12 Years on Facebook

We are present on Facebook with COFFEE EXPERT Global Pages Connection with more than 22 000 publications and more than 11 000 000 likes.

10 Years on YouTube

Our additional service is a coffee video-content-making pack for your YouTube channel, with a weekly production capacity of 2 to 10 videos of various genres.

Ready-To-Use Program

Our publication programs are shaped for fast and simple implementation - your managers just need to follow the instructions for each step.

2000 % Goals Efficency

The statistical results of our activity show an average minimum increase from 1.000-2.000 to 200.000 monthly likes/page.

3-Month Basic Program

Our basic program OPTIMUM is 90 days. However, we recommend the 180-days PERFECTION program which includes an educational process for your managers.

Facebook, Instagram. YouTube

Our Services

We create UNIQUE promotional campaigns for your Social Media.

90-Days FACEBOOK Publications Pack

The average efficiency of the pack is around 2000 %.


The average efficiency of the pack is around 2000 %.
+ You receive the algorithm for creating next projects independently


Our best proposal which covers all your needs in Social Media.

Digital Coffee Experts

Our Team

All members of our team have long-term experience in Social Media,

Psychology, Political Science, Marketing and Communications.

Vasyl Poluyko

Vasyl Poluyko

Chief Developer
Sergio Reminny

Sergio Reminny

Project Leader
Olesya Poluyko

Olesya Poluyko

Campaign Creator

1. Studying

We carefully study client's needs and opportunities in Social Media.

- 2-3 weeks -

2. Planning

At this stage, we set goals according to the client's expectations.

- 1-2 weeks -

3. Creating

We create posts crafting different Social Media models for the client's campaign.

- 1 month -

4. Teaching

We supply all tutorials and guidelines to the client for proper project realization.

- 2 weeks -

Digital Coffee Experts

Our Works

We collaborate only with reliable content creators - artists, musicians, photographers.

Our products are LICENSED for social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube).

- David Levine -

“Very much satisfied with the Agency quality of service and approach. We got FANTASTIC results with them: from 77K to 3,3M likes increase in just 4 months. The guys are Top-professionals 👍

- David Levine -
- Johanna Scher -

"Highly effective realization of the project. We received a ready-to-go pack of 200 posts
and just uploaded it on our company Facebook page following the agency's instructions.
+ Very comfortable way of communication.”

- Johanna Scher -
- Sam Wander -

“10 stars out of 10 - no doubt. And special thanks for the suggestion to use your video stories for our corporate YouTube channel - high-quality content for our customers!

- Sam Wander -

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